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Seller Info


Mission Statement: To bless families in the community by providing a way to purchase and sell gently used children’s items and to fulfill a need in the community.

Drop Off: Friday, August 25, 2018

Time designated on seller form

1:00, 2:00

3:00, 4:00, 5:00

5:00, 6:00, 7:00


Sale Day Schedule – Saturday, August 25, 2017

Workers Shop

8:00 AM

Sellers Shop

8:30 AM

General Public Shop

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


12:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Sellers Pick-Up Unsold Items (see schedule below)

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM






1 – 25


26 – 50


51 – 75


76 – 100



Pay It Forward Kid’s Clothing & Toy Seller,

We are pleased that you have chosen to participate in the clothing and toy sale.  Our desire is that your experience will be a pleasant and profitable one, both in selling and shopping.  Your comments and suggestions are most welcome for future sales. 

  • Every seller will pay a $10 non-refundable registration fee, which covers various fees incurred by Pay It Forward Kid’s Clothing & Toy Sale (seller packets, postage, advertising, etc.).  Space permitting, more tags may be available in sets of 12 for $1 per 12
  • 80% of sales will be paid to the seller and 20% will be retained by the Pay It Forward Kids ministry;
  • If the seller works during the sale (including set-up and clean-up) 90% of sales will be paid to the seller and 10% will be retained by the Pay It Forward Kids ministry;
  • If you cannot use your seller # after registering, IMMEDIATELY contact an organizer;
  • Please DO NOT give your seller # to another person;
  • All sales are CASH only (no checks, debit or credit cards);
  • Urbana United Methodist Church and Pay It Forward Kids  will not be responsible whatsoever for any injury, accident, damage, theft, loss by fire, acts of nature or otherwise, that may occur to each seller or items included in the Pay It Forward Kids sale, however every effort will be made to protect your items;
  • All sellers are responsible for checking the government website http://www.cpsc.gov to verify that their items meet the recall requirements.



To ensure the check-in process runs efficiently and to maintain a high quality sale, we require that all sellers adhere to the following terms.  Items deemed by Pay It Forward Kids to be unacceptable for sale according to the terms outlined below, will be marked on the tag, withheld from the sale regardless of the price on the item, and returned to you at check-out time.


  • This sale will include items for all seasons;
  • Each seller will be allowed 100 items per registration fee; space permitting, additional tags may be purchased in increments of 12 for $1;
  • Sort clothing on plastic hangers in consecutive size order for boys, girls and maternity prior to checking in or risk losing your check-in time;
  • All clothing, toys, miscellaneous children items must be clean, freshly laundered, and free of stains and tears;
  • Car seats will not be accepted for sale;
  • No drop-side cribs will be accepted for sale;
  • Adhere to the degree possible to the check-in and check-out schedule.  Contact us for any emergency changes at 937.612-2321;
  • Items found during the sale with a missing tag, price or seller # will not be sold and will be set aside until the end of the sale;
  • Unsold items, tickets of sold items, and a receipt will be available at check-out;
  • Payment checks will be mailed 1-2 weeks after the sale.


  • Should be used for all clothing;
  • Hanger should face the left sleeve of the garment (will look like a ? from the front) and the price tag attached at the right sleeve seam (looking at the item);
  • Hangers are not returned to the seller as all garments are sold on the hangers;
  • Button, snap zip, tie all items;
  • Safety pin or gun tag multi-piece sets together in the seam areas to avoid damage to the item.

3.     PRICING:

  • Items are to be priced in dollar increments (do not include .00 – i.e. 5 not 5.00);
  • Use black or blue ink only on current price tags provided in the registration packet;
  • Do not use double sided tape on a price tag.  If tape is required due to the nature of the item being priced, include a solid piece of tape at the top and bottom of the price tag;
  • Safety pins or gun tags ONLY are to be used to attach price tags to clothing;
  • Insignificant missing covers, belts, etc. must be noted on the sales tag;
  • All possible areas on the price tag must be filled in. 


  • Toys, furniture, swings, saucers, etc. must be reasonably clean and in good working condition;
  • Shoes, multiple pairs of socks, tights, hair bows, purses, bibs, burp or changing pads, baby rattles, teethers, and small toys with multiple pieces or other small items must be in ziplock bags zipped shut;
  • Comforters, bumper pads, blankets, crib or bedding sets must be securely pinned on a hanger or placed in clear ziplock bags zipped shut;
  • Electronic items, video games, CDs, cassette tapes must either be in boxes or ziplock bags and be in working condition (including batteries where appropriate);
  • Beds and cribs must be assembled by seller at check-in and should be in original working order (Note: if modifications have been made, the item will not be eligible to be sold due to safety reasons);
  • All items must meet current recall standards.  This includes the new requirements for lead paint, phthalates and other banned materials.  You can check online at www.cpsc.gov ;
  • All shoes must be clean and laundered;
  • Items with images or references to skull bones, witch craft or sorcery, adult content will not be sold.


1.     Soiled, stained, faded, torn, pilled, broken zippers, missing buttons or smoke/pet odors, bugs on clothing, high chairs, strollers, toys, etc.;
2.     Used panties and underwear;
3.     The use of straight pins, small pins (less than 1”), staples or string to attach price tags;
4.     The use of masking tape or stickers as price tags (you must use current price tags provided in the registration packet);
5.     Colors other than black or blue ink for price tags;
6.     The use of letters for sizing or to denote a seller#;
7.     Puzzles or games with missing pieces that would affect complete usage;
8.     No household items;
9.     No longer working electronics, video games, CDs, cassette tapes;
10.  Battery operated items without working batteries;
11.  Car seats or infant carriers;
12.  Disregarding of check-in & check-out times unless previous arrangements have been made;
13.  Giving your seller # to another person or sharing your seller # with another person;
14.  Junior or misses sized clothing.

                                                           Sizing Guidelines

  • Only INFANT, TODDLER, YOUTH, and JUNIOR sizes are permitted at this sale
  • All children’s sizes must be listed as NUMBERS (not S, M, L) as listed in the table below
  • Include TODDLER (T), SLIM (S), or PLUS (P) with size
  • Junior Sizes are 0 – 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – 11 – 13 – 15
  • MATERNITY clothes are permitted for sale, Maternity sizes may be listed S, M, L on the tag


Acceptable Sizes for Infant/Toddler/Youth Clothing

Infant Sizes
Toddler Sizes


Hanger & Price Tag Guidelines

  1. Clothing must be hung with the HANGER facing the left sleeve looking at item.
  2. If the item includes more than 1 piece (ex. a shirt and pants set), all pieces must be pinned together
  3. SAFETY PIN (pins 1in or larger) or GUN TAG the price tag in the FRONT RIGHT SHOULDER SEAM of the garment (looking at item).
  4. Clearly write the PRICE, SIZE, NUMBER of PIECES, and DESCRIPTION.
  5. WRITE Boy, Girl, Maternity, or Miscellaneous.
  6. DESCRIPTION should include color, brand, and what the item is. This information will help locate your item if the tag becomes separated.
  7. Price must be listed in whole dollar increments without decimals (ex. list 5 NOT 5.00).

PRICES should be conservative in order to sell quickly. A helpful gauge would be to price an item 1/3 of the new price if the item is NEW or in EXCELLENT condition or 1/4 of the new price for GOOD condition. Items priced at 1/4 and under sell more quickly.

NOTE: We regret that Pay It Forward Kid’s Clothing & Toy Sale does not have time nor space to store and keep track of each seller’s boxes and containers.